Monday, April 5, 2010

Shameless Promotion

When I started this blog, I had no idea how long it would last, if I would have time to post something every day or if anyone besides my husband, my mom and maybe two other people would read it. Now, a little over five months and 170 entries later, there are over 850 fans on Facebook, a few followers on Twitter and about a dozen people that are registered followers on Blogspot.

When I created the Facebook fan page, a bunch of friends from my "normal" page became fans and to everyone that did, even if you're regretting it now...thank you. And then some of their friends became fans, and then total strangers became fans and now there are fans from all over the U.S., plus 13 other countries. All I can say is...holy shit.

One of my friends posted a link to the blog on Facebook and said "Let's help The Mean Mom get 1000 fans." When I saw this I literally laughed out loud because what the fuck really? Was he insane? No way would I ever end up with 1000 fans because how many people could possibly want to read about a crazy anal-retentive stay-at-home-vodka-drinking mom who swears, sets unrealistic expectations for her kids and gets irritated by pretty much everyone?

Well, turns out there are a few hundred people out there that like vodka as much as me, deal with kids that don't listen, are annoyed by inconsiderate assholes, hate science projects and don't run around handing out fresh-baked cookies saying things like "Oh my goodness! Being a mommy is the best job ever!"

Since the fewer-than-100 fans that existed when I wrote about the nightmares of trick-or-treating has grown to more than 850 on Easter, I figure it's now a realistic goal for The Mean Mom to maybe hit 1000 by, appropriately: Mother's Day.

So here's where I will shamelessly ask fans and readers to think of some cool, intelligent drunk people and share, or become a registered follower of the blog, or become a fan on Facebook if you haven't already, and then share some more. Of course there will be people who see what I write and are instantly offended and won't become fans, but that's a good thing because people that don't have a sense of humor kind of suck and I don't want them as fans anyway. But the 860+ that read, comment and still come back for more the next day? THANK YOU!

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princessoctober said...

I stumbled upon you on a quest to find someone like being a mom but, some kids are 9,7, and 3 but my oldest thinks hes 21 and sadly could probably pull it off with his maturity and dangerously grown up vocabulary...and my youngest is a girl so with 2 boys in the house its like shes an only child....its always interesting around here...