Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday

In addition to it being National Gorilla Suit Day, the Pro Bowl (you know, that football game that nobody cares about because it's a lot like watching flag football in full pads) is being played in Miami (and why they moved the game from Hawaii I will never understand) today (a week before the Superbowl, so any players from New Orleans or Indianapolis that were selected won't be participating). Oh, and it is also my husband's (that guy that isn't in very many pictures) birthday.

He hates having a birthday, which is why I'm going to force him to have fun by showering him with gifts and making one of his favorite dinners (pancakes) and red velvet cupcakes from scratch. I figure it's the least I can do, considering all that he does for me.
  1. He lets me be an almost-a-control freak and isn't afraid to make fun of my anal retentiveness.
  2. He has an unbelievable sense of humor and has made me laugh so hard I peed my pants. Granted, it was one day after giving birth, so I was bound to pee my pants anyway, but what he said was really, really funny.
  3. He's an amazing writer, and he works his ass off, which is why I've never had to deal with daycare.
  4. He has great taste in books and movies, and even though we don't have the same taste, he never makes me feel like a moron.
  5. He's not only willing to play board games with the kids, but he actually enjoys it, and intentionally loses sometimes.
  6. He never points out when my hair looks like I've been attacked by a bat and I have a giant zit on my chin.
  7. He's more than happy to point out when I'm drinking too slow by calling me a wuss.
  8. He laughs at my boring, often stupid, stories.
  9. He cares about his waist size, which is still the same size as when I met him 20 years ago. Bastard.
  10. He's nice to me.

Happy birthday Doug. Now eat your damn cupcake and open your presents.

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