Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Too Predictable

These are things that I would be perfectly happy never having to say again for the rest of my life. Okay, maybe six months. Yeah, one month would be just about perfect. In fact, I'd be happy to have two weeks off from saying any (or all) of these phrases:

Zoe eat your breakfast.
What? Another science project?
Stop climbing on the back of the couch.
Yes, you need to wear a coat.
No you cannot have a snack right now.
No I am not buying you candy.
No I am not buying you a stuffed animal.
Zoe eat your lunch.
Stop asking me to buy everything you see.
Stay away from the dog's butt.
Please don't stand right behind me.
Please don't fart on your brother.
Seriously! Who does that?!
Stop using your shirt to wipe your mouth.
Really, that's okay, I didn't want any help anyway.
Did anyone feed the dog?
Zoe stop singing and eat your dinner.
You need to cut your fingernails.
Please go to bed.
Not later, now. I said go to bed now.
I really meant it. GO TO BED.
Yeah, you probably are hungry. Maybe you should have ate dinner.
Stop telling me things while the hair dryer is on.
What do you mean the dog crapped on the floor!
Please don't forget. Seriously, don't forget.
What do you mean you forgot?
What do you mean you lost it?
What do you mean we're out of vodka?


jennie said...

I'd add:
I just answered that same question three times, and my answer has not changed.

KC said...

OMG that is totally my life - but I need to include the "Hurry up - we're going to be late" used daily at our house!

Renee said...

A few more: "What am I, your personal slave?" "Hang up your coat" "What is wrong with you?!" "What is that smell?" "Get your clothes on NOW" "Didn't I tell you to get into the car?" "Just ignore her" "Who forgot to flush the toilet?" and "Stop picking your nose." Good god, I could go on and on.