Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Even though my adoption certificate says that I was shipped from South Korea and my appearance sort of supports that theory, I'm pretty sure that there was a clerical error and I actually came from Ireland. Besides the fact that I loathe kimchi and don't play "World of Warcraft," there are other traits that support my belief:
  1. I like corned beef, especially in a reuben.
  2. Jameson. Self-explanatory.
  3. I like the sound of bagpipes.
  4. I don't like snakes which, coincidentally, don't exist in Ireland.
  5. I think limericks are funny.
  6. Fish 'n chips, yes. Octopus stew, no.
  7. I like Flogging Molly, Damien Rice, and that other band - U2
  8. My parents went on a pub crawl through Ireland.
  9. I have a friend with the last name "Flannery."
  10. I like an author with the last name "O'Connor."
  11. My husband used to have a client called "O'Donovan's."
  12. There is always a box of Lucky Charms in our pantry.
  13. There's a restaurant named "Claddagh" in our suburb.
  14. Leprechauns, while kind of creepy, aren't as creepy as Kai Lan. (Yes, I know that technically Kai Lan is Chinese, but everyone's always telling me that we all look alike anyway.)
  15. I like to drink on St. Patrick's Day.
So put on a kilt, grab a hunk of soda bread, hoist your Harp Lager into the air and let's all toast our heritage together!

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