Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boil the Water!

My kids are the luckiest kids in existence. Not only will they not have to go to church on April 4, but they don't have to wait until Easter morning to get their baskets of loot because the big bunny stopped at our house a week early this year, kind of like he did last year. He must have known that the kids are home from school next week so getting new movies and books and Nerds Ropes the day before they went back to school wouldn't be beneficial to me in any way. Plus, the boys got new phones in their baskets and Doug and I were really, really excited to surprise them.

Since the company that makes these phones doesn't need any free advertising, I'm not going to say what kind of phones they are, just that they rhyme with sigh-moans. And to say that they were just a little bit excited when they opened their phones would be the understatement of the year. They immediately started dowloading apps, I was excited that they were excited and Doug was excited about the fact that he would no longer have to share his phone, which also rhymes with sigh-moan.

When Charlie was entering all of his contacts I told him to double-check everything and make sure that the names and numbers matched up. He crumpled up the paper that held all of the information and said "Got it. It's done. No problem." and then started playing "Assassin's Creed."

While we were on our way home from tennis (seriously people, when am I ever not on my way home from tennis? Oh, I know. When I'm on my way to tennis.) I told Charlie to send Doug a text telling him to "boil the water," because I was making pasta for dinner. Two boys with tasks of texting and boiling -- damn, I'm a slave-driver.

After half-a-minute of silence (during which I'm flying down the freeway and getting closer and closer to home), Charlie says "Oh, that's weird. I sent the message to dad, but the phone says that the message went to Austin. Why would it do that? Dad's name isn't Austin."

"I don't know, but figure it out. Because if you didn't send the message to dad then there will be no water boiling when I get home, and I'm starving and I want to eat NOW! What number did you send it to?" I said this as I drove past Granite City, then Famous Dave's, then Don Pablo, then Champps. All of these restaurants probably had water boiling, and they had bars.

It turns out that when he was entering his contacts, he gave his dad the wrong phone number and that number happened to belong to Austin. So, Austin, I'm sorry if you were confused when you received a random three word text from Charlie that instructed you to boil some water. You can disregard it, and I'm assuming you'll probably be getting another one in the next day or so that says "My mom is mean, and she's even meaner when she's hungry."

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