Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day to Mr. Mean Mom

I know that there are blogs and books out there that like to point out the fact that husbands are helpless morons, they never help out with anything that could be classified as "domestic," only like the kids when they're clean, healthy and fed (and football isn't on) and care more about when their cars need service than what day garbage day is.

This is not one of those blogs.

While Doug and I don't agree on everything and I occasionally need to raise my voice to prove that I'm right, I am also fortunate enough to be married to a nice person who doesn't make me want to find an attorney or jump off a bridge, and my kids are lucky enough to be able to call this guy "dad." And although I've mentioned some of his finer qualities before (like here and here), there are other reasons why I'm willing to do his laundry, micro-manage our family and can't ever imagine not having an anniversary to celebrate:
  1. When my irritation has hit a level that affects my ability to think rationally, no matter how long his day was or how much stress he is under, he is willing to step into the mayhem with patience.
  2. Likewise, when I don't feel like being the bad guy by yelling for the 73rd time that day, he is always willing to step in with angry eyes, and an angry voice.
  3. If he had to make a choice, he would sacrifice eating in order to get his kids new tennis racquets and shoes.
  4. He has never denied the fact that he didn't change poopy diapers.
  5. He sets a great example for the kids by reading a book everyday, even though they aren't allowed to read Cormac McCarthy quite yet.
  6. He doesn't like to travel, but tolerates the process because he knows that the rest of his family loves to go on vacation.
  7. He doesn't live vicariously through his kids.
  8. He talks to his kids like they're people, never using that I-don't-know-my-kids-so-I-don't-know-how-to-talk-to-them-voice. That "Hey dude! How's it going, dude? That is so awesome that you play soccer cuz soccer is so cool! Right on, man! So, how was school today, was it super cool?"
  9. He makes sure that the doors are locked at night.
  10. He researches video games so that the kids never waste time playing a crappy game. Plus, chances are that he's often playing the game with them.
Zoe had her own list of reasons why her dad is so great, and here are a few:
  1. He's awesome.
  2. He's respectful.
  3. He lets me play on his iPad and also plays Ms. Pac Man with me.
  4. He's smart and super, super funny.
  5. It's so super funny when he keeps tricking me and always says "Get OUT of here!" when I tell him something amazing.
  6. Really, he's so funny.
  7. He's super strong. But Josh at school is strong too. But I still pushed him over on the bus when he tried to sit with me after I said no, so he hit me in the face so I pushed him and he fell. Michael laughed.
  8. He's good at sports.
  9. He plays Star Wars on Xbox with me.
  10. He loves me.
Happy Father's Day, Mr. Mean Mom/Doug Adkins. We all love you.

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Anonymous said...

Cheri needs to get a life if she hates this...or a man.