Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zoe is Six!

Dear Zoe,

Having you as a member of our family for the last six years has been a wonderful experience. No two days have ever been the same and just when things seem too predictable, your imagination and energy kick into overdrive and you force us to look at things in a new light. Even though we have had our battles and there are times when I wonder how I will ever make it through the next five minutes let alone all the way to happy hour, every day with you manages to reveal yet another reason why I love you so much.
  1. When you hear a song that you like, no matter where we are, there is nothing that stops you from breaking out the dance moves.
  2. You will practice a joke 43 times on one person until you feel that the comedic timing is just right.
  3. You hate to lose. Not dislike or prefer not to -- HATE.
  4. We have yet to find a sport that you aren't good at.
  5. You make me realize how crazy I sound sometimes when you repeat what I've said in the exact same tone.
  6. You love all animals, and will go out of your way to pick up a worm that's struggling on a hot sidewalk and move him into a shady spot on the grass.
  7. You understand how effective a fart can be as a weapon.
  8. You have patiently sat through your brothers' tennis tournaments, piano recitals, orchestra concerts, choir concerts, school programs and baseball games. They can't wait to do the same for you.
  9. You can sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" perfectly, and will sing it at the top of your lungs anywhere - like at the grocery store.
  10. You're polite to strangers and are always eager to tell them how old your mom is.
  11. You have no desire to go to Disney World, but will never turn down a trip to the beach.
  12. You sleep at least 11 hours.
  13. You are genuinely distraught when your brothers are sad, hurt or disappointed.
  14. You have taught me that sometimes you just need to buy the bag of gummy bears, especially when they're Black Forest gummy bears.
  15. You like Metallica.
  16. You have the ability to play by yourself.
  17. You know how to get through airport security faster than most adults.
  18. You dislike Barbie, never dress up as a princess, prefer shorts to skirts, aren't obsessed with lip gloss and wear scabs on your knees with pride.
  19. You have no hesitation to approach a group of kids at the park and ask "So, who's going to be my friend?"
  20. You are, in general, completely kick ass.
Happy sixth birthday Zoe! I'm sorry you've had to spend past birthdays sitting at baseball practices, baseball games, piano concerts, and tonight you'll celebrate your sixth birthday at your brother's tennis banquet. But look on the bright side: at least there'll be cake.

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