Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Zoe finally gets to be Star of the Week this week. They sent the pre-printed booklet home about a month ago, probably assuming that some parents were going to put off completing the thing until the Sunday night before the big week. Whether this is a good or bad thing to admit, I am not one of those parents. That sucker has been hanging, completed, on our refrigerator for over three weeks and the anticipation has been building.

As luck would have it, Zoe's week happens to be a four-day week so she gets shafted one day of stardom. Also, her big week coincides with the classroom's celebration of Chinese New Year. Whether this was intentional or not, I will never know. But FYI teacher: Zoe is not Chinese.

One thing I forgot to mention in the previous SOTW post is that in addition to including pictures and completing the questions in the booklet, each day requires a special item to be sent to school and shared with the class. Monday is booklet and picture day, Tuesday is talent day, Wednesday is "Mystery Bag" day, and I won't bore you with the rest. Since there was no school on Monday, I sent Zoe's booklet and "talent" on the same day. Her "talent" was her tennis racquet, but since we aren't lame we don't refer to tennis as a talent: we refer to it as a sport.

When she got home from school on Tuesday with the handle of her racquet poking out of her backpack, I asked her if the other kids thought it was cool that she plays tennis and if she got to demonstrate her backhand. She said: "The teacher didn't have time to do that today. I guess I'll just skip it." Oh yeah, sure. Shaft my daughter one day from her SOTW week, and then don't let her "accidentally" nail the nose-picking kid in the back of the head while she shows off her backhand. I don't think so.

I emailed her teacher (yet again) to ask what happened and if I should send the racquet again tomorrow even though it was Mystery Bag day, or what the hell she wanted me to do. She replied: "I asked her if she had her talent, and she said no. Please send the talent tomorrow and the Mystery Bag, too." I was immediately frustrated and emailed back, saying that "Zoe calls tennis a sport, not a talent. She had no idea what you were talking about when you asked her if 'she brought her talent.'"

Again, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but I am a parent that sends signed permission slips and Wednesday Envelopes (don't ask) back to school the following day. If there are art supplies requested for the following week, I send them to school a week early. I do not forget to send snow pants, labeled mittens or library books and none of my kids have had to walk around with the stamp of shame on their hand, alerting everyone to the fact that they have a low balance in their lunch account.

If the teacher would have thought about it for one minute, she maybe would have realized that I most likely didn't forget to send something in for Zoe to share and maybe she could have just asked in a different way. Perhaps, "Is there something extra in your backpack that you brought to show the class?" or "Why is there a tennis racquet handle poking out of your backpack?" These are questions that Zoe would have understood, because they make sense.

Also on Wednesday, in addition to swinging her racquet in class and sharing the contents of her Mystery Bag, it was also Wacky Wednesday. In the past Zach and Charlie have never dressed wacky or done wacky things with their hair, mostly because they have buzz cuts but also because they consider dressing wacky a "girl thing." So since Zoe is a girl and isn't passive or shy, she was more than happy to embrace Wacky Wednesday, including wearing a Squidward tattoo in the middle of her forehead. I guess I won't be surprised, though, if her teacher says: "Zoe, did you remember to wear something for Wacky Wednesday? Where's your wacky outfit and hairdo?"

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