Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Tempting, But...

There are times when I feel kind of bad about how much time Zoe spends in the car, but that's what happens when two out of three after-school activities take place 20 miles away from our house. Even though I have a DVD player in the minivan, I only use it if we're going to be driving for an hour or longer because I don't want to have a daily battle about which movie she's going to watch, spend a couple extra minutes before I back out of the garage getting the movie started and then have to wait a few extra minutes when we arrive at our destination because she doesn't want to turn it off yet.

Since she isn't allowed to watch movies and (since I'm not a big fan of having my windows smashed out while horrible people steal things) I don't let her bring her Nintendo DS in the car, she has a couple books, a small Magna Doodle and a calculator to play with. Because of these spectacular diversions she usually doesn't mind getting in the car at least twice a day to run off to whatever activity is on the schedule that she doesn't get to participate in. Judging by her reaction on Monday, though, I should probably put some new toys in the van.

Zach had to stay after school for an extra choir practice (by the way, this school year cannot come to an end soon enough because I am going insane), so instead of riding the bus home, I had to pick him up at 3:50 and then race back to the elementary school because Charlie had to be picked up at 4:00.

After telling her two times to get her shoes on because we had to go go go and getting no response except moaning, I told her a third time with just a hint of anger in my voice. Okay, I yelled. She suggested that I just leave her home by herself and she would watch a movie, have a snack and promised that she wouldn't get scared. Or in her words, "Come on mom. Just go. I'll be fine."

"That's tempting, Zoe, but I can't do that. There's no one here to watch you, and if I leave a five-year-old home alone then the cops will come and they'll put me in jail and I don't want to go to jail." Plus, I would hope that she didn't want me to go to jail, either.

"Oh, well when you go to jail then dad can watch me, cuz he's not in jail yet."

Ha. She said yet. "What do you mean by yet? You think he'll eventually go to jail, but just hasn't been caught?"

"Right. But he won't get caught cuz he drives fast and has a faster car, so the cop won't catch him and put him in jail. So he can watch me when you're at jail. So are you going to go, and I can get a snack and watch a movie?"

Note to self: In addition to basking in the glow of my daughter's love and putting new toys and books in the car to make riding in the minivan more pleasurable for her, put the new toys and books in a new, faster car that can't get caught because then I won't get thrown in jail, which wouldn't matter to Zoe anyway because after all, dad's not in jail. Yet.

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