Monday, May 17, 2010

Highs and Lows

Over the last week, I feel like I've been the poster child/spokesperson for the phrase "two steps forward, one step back" or "two steps back, stumble and trip forward" or maybe it's "big hop forward, fall backward on my ass," because every time I've received a piece of good news or something has went right, something less-than-desirable immediately happens that yanks me back to reality.

High: I finally received a letter from our health insurance company informing me that, after reviewing the information provided by our doctor regarding Zach's allergies, they have decided to provide coverage for Allegra-D after all. While waiting for them to finish their review, he's been taking a combination of Sudafed 12-hr. and Allegra (I love having friends that are nurses and thank you for the wonderful advice, Billi Jo), which means taking two pills, twice-a-day.
Low: I went to Target to fill the new prescription and was informed that even though BCBS is providing coverage, they've also increased the co-pay for Allegra-D to $85.00. So, let's see: Am I going to pay $85/month for the convenience of Zach being able to take only one pill, or will I pay a total of $8.50/month for what he's currently taking?
Lower: I guess technically I could just pay $0 and not look like I'm cooking meth by making weekly trips to the pharmacy to stock up on the Sudafed, since unless I specifically say "Take your allergy pills" or put them right by his breakfast, he forgets to take the damn pills anyway.

High: After hosting several group meetings to complete Zach's Ring of Fire science project, and after the teacher delayed the presentation day two times, the project is complete and has been performed.
Low: Despite the fact that they did extensive research, wrote the song and included all of the necessary requirements, they got a shitty grade because their props and costumes weren't homemade. Apparently they were supposed to make their own keyboard, whip together a sombrero, weave a Mexican poncho and also kill a whale, skin the whale, tan the hide and fashion it into a warm coat for the Eskimo costume. Maybe then they would have earned 20 points.
Even Lower: We have now been assigned science project #20, which is a group project (yippee!) and consists of doing a presentation on the abominable snowman.

High: Minutes after considering sending Doug a text on Friday afternoon that said "You should come home early because I could use a drinking buddy," he walked in the door.
Low: Since Zach's tennis practice ran an hour longer than usual (but, despite everyone having a cell phone, no one bothered to let me know), after Doug came home early he watched me leave twice, listened to Zoe wail after she got hit in the face with a basketball, and ended up drinking a beer by himself while I hurriedly grilled chicken between trips to the high school.

High: On Saturday morning, the kids got up on their own and were ready to go to tennis, on time, without extensive nagging. In fact, we were out the door five minutes early.
Low: No sooner had I turned onto the freeway entrance when I realized that I forgot to put Zoe's tennis bag in the car, and Zach said "Oh, wait. Did I need to grab my water bottle?"
Random Question: Why in the hell is it that all Buick sedans come with Beanie Babies and boxes of kleenex in the rear window as standard equipment, but don't come with a gas pedal?

High: Zoe's tennis coach called to reschedule her Saturday lesson, and ended up moving it to a time that was much more convenient for me. Unbelievably, Zach's coach was also able to move his lesson to the same time, compressing two hours of tennis into one.
Low: I still had to deal with the other mom during Zoe's lesson, and somehow she managed to squeeze 43 condescending remarks, 17 eye rolls, eight braggy comments, 82 loud sighs and nine insults into one hour. I think it was a new record.
Brutal Reality: I spent four hours at the club, but managed to get a zero minute workout done.

High: The weather over the weekend was absurdly nice and Charlie had a great time playing outside with one of the neighbor kids.
Low: Charlie is now on, shopping for an airsoft pistol of his own.

High: While pulling weeds out of the garden so that I can eventually plant something that's actually edible, Charlie voluntarily offered to help.
Low: After pulling one, and I mean exactly one weed, Charlie suffered a loss of all motor skills and was unable to pull anymore weeds. Miraculously, he was somehow capable of shooting baskets and sucking down Capri Suns.
Owie: I hate thistle. And while I'm excited to eventually have fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, I think I would enjoy my garden even more if I could grow bacon.

Low: Justin Bieber is still on the Billboard charts.
High: Godsmack has a higher ranking.

High: I discovered a 12-pack of diet ginger ale in the refrigerator.
Super High: I also had fresh lemons. Big Ginger, baby!
Oh So Low: I'm out of Jameson.

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Anonymous said...

Ask the doc if he can try Zyrtec. I was told I could switch from Allegra. Still would need two pills, but does he need the D all the time? Fake Zyrtec is (or was)
$15 at Costco for 365 pills! Just can't beat that!