Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seven Miles

Yesterday, since it was unseasonably warm, all the chores on my List O' Fun had been completed, and Zoe seemed obsessed with using my cocktail straws for her pink lemonade, we took advantage of a free hour to do something that wasn't errand or appointment related. I picked a destination that was seven miles away, which I soon realized was 6.5 miles too far.

"So, where is it we're going? Is it somewhere fun? I really like going somewhere that's fun. The zoo is fun. And vacation is fun."

"Oh. There's Target. Target's not much fun because all you can do is buy stuff. How is that fun?"

"Where am I going? Am I going to Arizona? What? The nature center? How is the nature center fun? I thought I was going somewhere fun."

"Hey! Horses! Hi Horse! Oh wait. That one with the spots looks like a cow. Maybe it's a horse-cow. Hahahahahaha"

"Hey. More horses! There sure are a lot of cowboys that live around here, huh? I wonder where all their pigs are."

"Oooh. I like this song. Make it louder." At this point, she sang along with Lady GaGa for about 38 seconds.

"Remember last time, at that fair, when I rode those horses? That was fun. Was that a long way away? Can we go there?"

"Oh, ha ha. I just tooted. But it got smooshed into my car seat, so you didn't hear it. It might smell, though."

"Maybe the cowboys should have sheep so that they can get haircuts. Why do they have so much white fluffy hair anyway? They need a haircut."

"Papa. Paparazzi."

"It's weird to be a cowboy."

"This nature center. Is it fun? Are there horses? Or animals?"

"That car is really blue. That's weird."

"Hey, look at all those geese! Hi geese! There must be so much poop in that grass. That's not the nature center, is it? I hope not. It's all poopy."

"Ewww. What's that smell? Something smells bad. Darn goose poop." Duh, It's probably your fart making its way out of the car seat.

"What? We're here already? The nature center? This is it? Where are the horses?"

When we got home, I moved the cocktail straws to a spot that's out of her reach because obviously she isn't the one that needs them. She can use the green bendy straws that look ridiculous, but at least they match her shirt.

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LG said...

Zoe is so cute and has so many things she is curious about and wants to talk about. I love watching her personality change!