Friday, November 27, 2009

A Little Known Fact About Rock Stars

On Thursday, Zoe wanted to color a picture but was sick of coloring turkeys, arguing in-laws, pilgrims, cornucopias, bottles of booze, and anything else that had a Thanksgiving theme. After rifling through a coloring book, she managed to find a suitable picture, hauled out the vat of markers and went to work.

When I saw the green face she had colored, I thought I was praising her work when I said, "Hey, that's a cool zombie!"

"She's not a zombie. She's a rock star! See the orange hair? That means she's a rock star. Rock stars have orange hair, Zombies have blue hair. Jeesh." At this point, she walked away with her arms in the air, shaking her head in disbelief at how clueless I was.

Not being known to pass up a good debate, I said "Oh. Well then what's with the green face? I thought only zombies had green faces."

"No mom, rock stars have green faces too. Miley Cyrus has a gray face, but Hannah Montana has a green face. So rock stars have green faces."

End of debate, and she won. How was I supposed to argue with that?

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