Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Not Do Or Don't, It's When

For some people, the debate surrounding the flu shot is, "Should we or shouldn't we?" For me it's simply, "When should I tell the kids that they're getting their flu shot?" because no matter when I tell her, I end up with the same result from Zoe; tears and drama.

I'm sure someone out there wants to tell me that I should never get the flu shot because it's caving into the government, or the syringe is filled with cyanide, or my kids will start behaving like hyenas. I don't really consider myself to be a follower, and even though some of the things I do seem pretty mainstream, they also make sense to me. Flossing, eating fruit, wearing a seat belt, applying sunscreen, banging on the table two times before I do a shot of tequila, and even vaccinating my kids, which at this time of year, includes a flu shot, are not things that should automatically get me branded as "going through life thoughtlessly without doing any research." And since I don't really have issues with cyanide (it's Jagermeister that gives me the creeps), the appointments are always made.

One year I waited until the skin on Zoe's thigh was exposed before finally saying, "Oh by the way, surprise! Today is flu shot day!" only to hear wails of agony as tears shot out of her eyes. I've used bribes of ice cream and promises of great joy immediately following the shot, which resulted in tears. Last year I notified her a week in advance, which subjected me to seven days of hearing: "How many more sleeps until the shot? Are you sure I have to get a shot? I don't like shots. How many more sleeps now?" followed by tears. This year, since the appointments were in the evening, I casually told her while she was eating lunch. I think she took it pretty well, don't you?

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