Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Known Facts About Santa

While having lunch with Zoe yesterday, I told her that since there's no school on Friday, we're probably going to see Santa. Her eyes immediately registered panic and I could tell she hated the whole idea, but then she found out that Zach and Charlie will be there with her. After shoving a couple strawberries in her mouth and chewing in silence, she eventually said, "Okay, I'll go. Zach can hold my hand. But won't Santa's lap get super tired when Charlie puts his big legs on there?" I reassured her that Santa would probably survive, considering the fact that most of his elves are bigger than 70-pound Charlie. Mentioning elves triggered an avalanche of information from the girl, and I had no idea that she was such an expert when it came to a guy that she has never had the nerve to talk to.
  • His favorite song isn't "Jingle Bells," it's "Tingle Bells."
  • He eats cookies and spaghetti all day.
  • His favorite cookie is sugar with red frosting.
  • Sometimes he takes a bath, but not very often.
  • He lives at the North Pole, where he takes care of his deer: Sam, Dasher, Fatty, Chowdy, Dingy, Manny, Shoobie, and Daisy.
  • He likes to watch TV, mostly the news and Tom & Jerry.
  • He plays football with the elves, and is really good at throwing.
  • His favorite elf is that little guy named Liddy.
  • If I'm naughty, Santa won't bring me a toy, but he will bring me worms.
  • Santa has a wife? No way.

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Anonymous said...

Zoe is so funny! He'll bring her worms?