Friday, October 23, 2009

I Thought I Was Messed Up

Zoe's dream last night:

"I got out all of the broccoli from the refrigerator, and you got pretty mad because then there was broccoli all over the floor. So then I got out the potato chips instead, and took them to the store and sold them so that lots of people could have the potato chips. And then I came home and played with Tiger, who is my friend, and did you know he looks kind of like Diego from Ice Age? And I hid in the kitchen, with the potato chips, and Tiger found me."

I should probably reevaluate my organizational skills for the drugs, since clearly the Children's Motrin shouldn't be kept right next to the acid.

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ryan said...

This one made me laugh my ass off. Probably because I had this EXACT same dream, except there was vodka, not broccoli, all over the floor. But other than that it was the same. Except it wasn't Tiger, but Charlize Theron, who is MY friend. And we drank vodka and ate chips. It was awesome. _trd