Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, thanks to a particularly crapalicious day, The Mean Mom blog was created.

Throughout the last year, I've complained about my kids, bitched about my neighbors, griped about science projects, shared embarrassing stories about my family and revealed some equally embarrassing facts about myself.

I've posted pictures of strangers and ripped on annoying people, including the clueless guy that walks diagonally through crosswalks, assholes that text while driving, women that think they're the first person to ever carry a baby, skinny bitches that fish for compliments by talking about how "fat" they are, pretentious vegetarians, people that use the term "play date" multiple times in one conversation, lazy parents that expect everyone else to watch their kids, plus about 87 other people that obviously lack a common sense gene.

Also within the last 365 days, I've lost a pet, acquired a new puppy, shared a story about the loss of a child, taken a couple much-needed vacations, welcomed a new niece and survived an entire school year.

So, 250+ blog posts, a few hundred Facebook updates and 800+ tweets later, a lot of people (including the 1700+ fans on Facebook) know that all three of my kids play tennis, I live in the suburbs, I spend a lot of time in my minivan, my cooking skills are nothing compared to my cleaning skills and I have an incredibly thoughtful, very nice, super funny husband.

Because I don't want to known as The Boring, Redundant Mean Mom -- writing about the same school year woes and the same holiday disasters -- the upcoming year may not include quite as many posts. But as long as my kids manage to occasionally screw up, people insist on annoying me and I maintain my goal which is to always avoid those pesky AA meetings, I'll continue to write stuff.

And who knows, I may just find the time to write that book that so many of you have suggested I do. In fact, if anyone knows a publisher that's interested in cranking out a book written by a booze-loving, obscenity-using mom that's annoyed by pretty much everybody and who's current favorite show is about a chemistry teacher dad that cooks meth, send 'em my way!

So, I want (and need) to say thanks for reading the blog, being fans on Facebook, taking the time to leave thoughtful comments, following me on Twitter and sharing me with your friends. Tonight I will definitely be shaking up a few cocktails, putting my feet up, opening a bag of crack-seasoned potato chips and locking my kids in their rooms so that I can say "Cheers!" to another year of The Mean Mom.

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Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary Mean Mom! Your blog is awesome! Keep the posts coming!