Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Scavenger Hunt, Part Dos

Some couples celebrate their wedding anniversary by showering each other with diamond encrusted gifts, jetting off to extravagant weekend getaways, eating dinner at expensive restaurants or maybe even renewing their vows in front of hundreds of friends and family members. Doug and I, on the other hand, chose to celebrate the anniversary of the day that I wore white satin by exposing our senses and digestive systems to the Minnesota State Fair, surrounded by 234,382 other people who thought that last Saturday was a perfect day to strap on a fanny pack, put on some walking shoes and, apparently, wear the most god awful, hideous, ridiculous looking outfit ever to be worn in public.

Since I recently created The Mean Mom's State Fair Scavenger Hunt, I decided to have even more fun during this kid-free trip to The Great MN Get-Together and rack up some points. But within minutes of walking through the gates and witnessing the cornucopia of checklist material, I realized that I would never be able to hold my list, a pen, a beer and a tray of reuben balls without dropping something. So I did what any responsible, mature, moral person would do -- I took pictures instead.

It's not everyday that you see a guy wearing higher heels than his lady friend. But then, it's not everyday that you see two adults wearing this much pleather. At least her bag adds a splash of color and her black jorts are stylish. If this was 1989.

Not only is this is a scooterin' couple, but I'm 99.9% positive that they were also scooterin' rookies because she almost took out three people within five seconds trying to figure out how to operate a piece of machinery designed for the physically challenged. She kept yelling "Wait up! Wait up dammit!" while popping the clutch, peeling out and repeatedly killing the electric engine.

Apparently, even gimps get a hankerin' for mini donuts and cheese curds.

I realized after I chased this guy down and took this picture that I had been yelling "Holy shit you guys! It's a grown man wearing a Spider Man shirt! Check out the Spider Man shirt! On an adult! Hahahaha!" Fortunately, he never turned around and shot me with his webs.

This guy is blending in, thanks to his giant chameleon.

I'm not sure which is stranger: The guy voluntarily hauling a gorilla around on his back, or the girl wearing a shirt that is buttoned up the back. I'm thinking the shirt, but it's a close one.

There is so much happening in this picture that you can't see: A) The girl is swaying with intoxication, B) He has crazy eyes, C) They had just been fighting and screaming but realized that people could hear them so they brought it down to a conversation That. Goes. Like. This. Can. You. Under. Stand. Why. I'm. So. PISSED! But at least he has jeans that fit well. If you're the kind of person that just took a dump. In your pants.

Okay, so five minutes after the previous picture was snapped, the girl sat/collapsed down on the curb and started sobbing, and the guy, well, he was obviously really upset that she was crying because he spent the next few minutes texting while looking around with those crazy eyes. Something tells me they won't be celebrating a 17th anniversary.

This couple wins the Most Prepared To Be A Lazy Ass and Haul Free Shit Home From the Fair Award. The scooter built for two, the blue bin normally designed for camping trips and garage storage, the matching hats, the whole bungee cord system to keep the bin and Mildred from flying off the back and the insane level of thought and organization that went into the whole operation. Basically, if I were a psycho fair-goer and wasn't so focused on just drinking beer, this is probably what I'd look like. Except without the hat.

So here's the thing, when I put "Barf on the street" on the scavenger hunt list, I didn't mean that I actually wanted to see the person putting it there. In fact, I would be fine never being able to claim those points! I was unfortunate enough to find this girl standing in front of me in the bathroom line and I made sure to stay back, out of the splash zone.

This girl was also out of the splash zone, which is a good thing because can you imagine how unsightly barf spots would look on these lovely tube socks? And that mini skirt with the exposed slip hem, I gotta get me one of those.

Now is when I will apologize to a certain friend named Betsy because I'm about to steal one of her photo captions from the past: Custody Day Dad.

Stop wiping your sugar and grease covered fingers on my new Amish quilt! And unless I acquired you from a Grandstand vendor, get your ass out of my wagon!

This kid is going to rock and roll all night and party every day! Or, at least he'll rock and roll until about 10:00 and party every day until school starts and he has to go study spelling words.

At first I thought maybe Vince Neil was in town for the KISS concert, you know, supporting the rock 'n roll/heavy metal industry and catching up with old friends. And then this guy turned around and I realized it wasn't Vince Neil at all. In fact, the guy's name was probably Brandon or something.

What you can't see happening behind the free UCare tote bag is these two lovebirds holding hands. That's right, people! 250 lb woman with a 90 lb boyfriend! One point for me! Wait a second, only one point? Who made this stupid list and assigned one measly point to this amazing find?

Dammit! I forgot my boombox in the back of the El Camino! Rico, run on out to the Giraffe Lot and grab my boombox! And grab me a Chuckwagon sandwich from the Deli Express booth on your way back!

I think it's pretty neat how she matched her belt to her bag, and her muffin top to the decorative edging on her purple shoes. And I'm not sure about this, but I'm pretty sure those pants are painted on.

The quintessential Fairgoer. The braids, the pleather backpack, the nursing home green jacket paired together with the scrubs blue pants -- this is the fair-going look that thousands of people strive to achieve but can never quite accomplish.

I know it's hard to see, but if you look really close you can sort of see a line. And if you were able to look to the left of this picture, you would see that the line stretches one block up the street. And if you could see further into the picture, you would see that the line is five people wide and snakes through a building, and the people in the front of the line have been waiting for a couple hours. So now you're thinking, these people must be lining up for some spectacular shit, right?!

Wrong. They're lining up for this backpack. This piece of crap, is going to break in a matter of hours, sewn together by underpaid women in Uruguay, stiffer than the sole of a Birkenstock backpack.

It was kind of chilly when we were there so I was prepared to forfeit all bikini top, miniskirt and wife beater points. And then, for a few brief seconds, the wind died down, the crowd parted and five points appeared.

Seriously, you can never have too many pictures of kids on a leash. And this is worth bonus points, because her walker is wearing a fanny pack. Maybe she has some treats stashed in that fanny pack. For when, you know, the girl does a cool trick or something.

I think this guy was at the Fair for the KISS concert, but you can never be 100% sure. He might have just worn this outfit because it's really roomy, comfortable and extra colorful, thereby making it easier for his wife to spot him in a crowd. Oh what the hell am I saying...this guy doesn't have a wife.

I thought about standing in the crowd, raising my hand and quizzing the lady about cocktails ("Can I make margaritas? How about pina coladas? Does it whip up a good daiquiri?") but honestly the only reason I went near this live action infomercial is because it was on the way to the bathroom. And it was worth five points.

Doug hates it when I phrase things like this, but -- who wears jeans like this and a shirt like that? (answer: she does). Who wouldn't notice that her waistband is cutting off the circulation to her lower extremities? (answer: this girl) Wouldn't it be uncomfortable to have your entire waistline lopping over your pants? (answer: probably) Who walks out in public dressed like this and thinks Damn I look hot? (answer: again, she does.)

Yes, I get it. You like people to look at you. You wake up in the morning looking like a normal person before you go to your part-time job at Staples or PetSmart, but after your shift is done, and after you spend hundreds of dollars and just a few hours in front of the mirror, voila! You get attention!

Mommy please? Can I please have my face painted like a mime? Then I could do that cool trick where I pretend like I'm trapped in a box, or that other cool trick where I pretend like I'm walking into the wind! Please? I LOVE mimes!

If this guy had a theme song, I predict that it would go something like this: "You've got a lot more, goin' for you at Hank. Hardware Hank."

Well, either that or "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog."

I am proud of this shot because instead of making things easy for myself by loitering around the Fair-Do booth where I would have a wide assortment of Do's to choose from, I waited for the tiara adorned wad of cotton candy to come to me.

Okay honey, I got the beer, the crap we bought in Heritage Square, the giant pig, and I got the -- oh crap! Where did we leave the kid?

Oh, there she is.

It's impressive that the appeal of KISS has managed to reach so many different people. The young and old, boys and girls, thin and, um, did I say young and old yet?

I really do like the camera on my iPhone. It somehow managed to capture the chemistry between these two and accentuated the sunlight as it plays off of their mullets.

Somebody get this boy a rental scooter!

When you're a parent, at what point do you look at the midway prize and think "there is no way in hell that thing is coming home with us." Is it A) When the carni is handing it to you, B) When your kid gets tired of hauling it around, or C) After the prize has been sitting in grease, dirt, spit, horse poop residue, spilled beer and decaying food?

Hold on kids, I just have to text mom and let her know that she is married to a moron.

Okay, so I keep forgetting...who was playing a concert at the Grandstand on Saturday night? Oh yeah, that's right. It was Garrison Keillor.

After seeing more pair in one evening than I ever wanted to see in a lifetime, there will be an addition to the Scavenger Hunt for next year: jeggings.

Hey, check out the Bump-it on the chick in the black shirt.


Betsy R-K said...

Love it, Jody! And, much like mini donuts and cheese curds, there are enough Custody Day Dads for all of us.

Carrieb said...

i missed the fair this year... thanks for bringing me my favorite parts....

Brienne said...

Like the people of Wal-mart...only better.